Thank you to everyone for your efforts toward our Annual Cash Raffle so far.  We have sold 223 tickets to date (last year we sold 208) and have only 27 left to sell out!  The funds that will be raised will allow us to do so much this year.  Below are our 4 Early Bird Drawing Winners and individual ticket sale update.  The drawing is now 2 weeks away... will we sell out....



#162 sold to Craig Payan by Craig Payan (the fix is in)

#137 sold to Richard Simon by Andy Tinberg

#140 sold to Omar Ahmed by Andy Tinberg

#43 sold to Mark Wilcom by Tom Duffy

Tom Chunis                     2

Tom Duffy                       27

Tom Halwax                    19

John Keane                     7

Dorothy Kennedy         43

Janelle Mitzner              2

Savka Mladenovich      3

Joe O’Donnell                2

Jim Pauly                          8

Craig Payan                     9

Joe Pilch                           1

Rich Rinchich                   4

Dick Sanders                   5

Andy Tinberg                  72

Jim Watson                     1

Sue Wolf                          1

Bill Zerinskas                   17