Oak Forest Rotary’s 4th annual ‘Battle of the Badges’ blood drive was held at fire station #1 on Saturday December 8th.  Who won??, well just read on.  We had 61 potential donors fill out the forms with 44 accepted and 3 deferrals.  We noted several potential donors challenged by the flu, medication, general illness or a change in family activities.  Also, you must bring your photo ID to be a donor. 

     Seen donating from the city were City Clerk Scott Burkhardt, Police Chief Greg Anderson (who did a double red), Nancy Hullinger, Santa Claus (Craig Miller), Mrs. Santa (Brenda Sullivan), Dennis Mitzner, Sandi Czyznikiewiez and Jason Riha of the Crime Commission, Lt. Tim and Denise Moss of the Fire Department and Rotarians Sue Wolf and John Keane. Dr Joe O'Donnell and wife Kathy and Jim Watson (#195) made it to the Heartland Blood Center in time to be credited for this blood drive.

     It was a great day. We had super help from Rotarians Janelle Mitzner Dick Sanders and Sue Wolf and huge thanks for the Rotary Interact students Jessy Sandoval and Molly Hogan at the signup table as well.


     Big thanks to Dr. Tom Halwax for arranging the Rotary Interact kids and helping organize early morning setup.  A loud cheer goes out to the Fire Department Crew for prepping and setting up tables and making space for our mobile blood donation units well ahead of time.

     The Heartland staff consisted of Team Leaders Melissa Arlen, Steven Bennett; phlebotomist Ruth Anderson, Sabrina Griffin, Charles Jones, Lisa Krol and Luis Quiles. An excellent, professional job done by all.

     Special thanks to Mayor Hank Kuspa, Jim Richmond, Chrissy Maher for the Oak Forest e-briefs newsletter, Kim Malecky-Iles of the Oak Forest Chamber, Chuck Toland, Paula Kubilius of Relay for Life,
Karen Moran and Mickey Styrsky of Together We Cope and Rhonda Ceska for getting the word out and last but not least, Rotarian Sue Wolf, John Keane and Janelle Mitzner for their telephone efforts.
For those of you I may have missed, special thanks as well.  Last but certainly not least, a major thanks to all of our blood donors; we thank you one and all.

    And the contest...who won the Battle of the Badges contest?  Well... the Fire Department is the trophy winner for the fifth year in a row!  It was a very, very close race this time. Congratulations!

Be well and stay well, 

Jim Watson, Oak Forest Rotary Club blood drive coordinator

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