Just another selfless act of kindness for those in need by Rotary.  It is a pleasure to participate.


A note from Chairman Watson-

We had 78 people apply to donate blood. Out of the 78, we had 64 accepted donors, 1 double red donor (Police Chief Anderson), which counts as 2 and 8 deferrals. We had several walk-ins that could not donate because of not having a picture ID. These people did not know they were going to donate blood and were pulled from the audience after our M.C., John Keane made several announcements. Great job John!

Seen donating from the city were City Clerk Scott Burkhardt, Police Chief Greg Anderson, Chuck Wolf from the Zoning Commission, Craig Miller from the Veterans Commission and Dennis Mitzner from the Crime Commission. Also Leanne Baltas of the Crime Commission, her husband Jeff.

Rotarian's Sue Wolf, Bill Hinz, Andy Tinberg, John Virva and Jim Watson. Mayor Kuspa, one of our regular donors was out of town.  We'll catch you next time Mayor.

It was a great day. We had super help from Dick Sanders, Ralph Polachek, Sue Wolf and Janelle Mitzner, wife of Dennis Mitzner, Chairman of the Oak Forest Crime Prevention Commission. Dennis Mitzner (future Rotarian)also relieved Jim Pauly at the Rotary welcome table The High School Rotary Interact team was a great help as always..

The Heartland staff consisted of Team Leaders Melissa Arlen and Kia Baker.

Phlebotomist Nancy Martin, Debra Aquirre, Felix Hawkins, Makitia Monegan, Jamie Schultz, David Costello and Kimberly Parker  Excellent job done by all.

Major thanks to all who donated.

Special thanks to Mayor Hank Kuspa, Jim Richmond, Chrissy Maher for the Oak Forest ebriefs, Kim Malecky-Iles of the OC Chamber, Chuck Toland, Paula Kubilius and Rhonda Ceska , Relay for Life, for getting the word out and last but not least, Rotarian Sue Wolf and John Keane for their telephone efforts.

For those of you I may have missed, special thanks as well.

As I said, it was a great day and the weather was in our favor My sincere thank you to all.


Be well and stay well,

Jim Watson