Members have sold 87 Gift-Certificate/Sweepstakes Ticket sets through August 10th!

 A reminder . . . We are selling a combination Gift-checkbook and Sweepstakes Ticket for $20. How many have you sold?

The Gift-Checkbook contains 7 cash certificates good at local restaurants and businesses worth $67. Our club has committed to selling 500 sets before the beginning of the NFL season.

Each Gift-Checkbook is accompanied by a sweepstakes ticket that provides the opportunity to win 6 cash prizes during each of the 17 weeks of the upcoming NFL season.The cash is paid from a pool of just under 5,000. So the odds of winning are quite good.

A SUGGESTION: Play up the football tie-in. 

There are plenty of fans ramping up interest in the new NFL season NOW!

Each member received a minimum of 10 book/ticket sets to sell. We will need to sell the sets by the end of August. Some members have already taken 40 sets!

This is an easy sell as the cash certificates are exchangeable for goods/services in the local area with NO minimum purchase requirement.

If you will be attending the Luncheon this Tuesday I will be there to collect ticket stubs and money AND distribute additional tickets. If you won't be attending and need additional sets, CALL ME!

Tom Chunis, Chairman

Cell: 708-217-2491