It's that time of year again Rotarians!  Who do you know that loves Fantasy Football, frequenting local restaurants, or just can't say no to you???  Well, we have the best of all these worlds.  Our first fundraiser of the year is not only fun, but an incredible deal.

For $20 we are giving out a Fantasy Football Sweepstakes card that gives people a chance to win one of 6 cash prizes weekly.  Prize amounts range from $25 - $250.  Each card gives multiple chances to win throughout the entire 17 week NFL season.  With a 1:48 chance in winning each week it's a great deal.

But wait... there's more!!!!

Every Sweepstakes card comes with a booklet of Gift Checks to use at local establishments like Oliver's, Durbin's, Blarney Stone and others.  There is over $60 worth of gift checks in each booklet.

This is going to be one of our larger fundraisers for the year so please sell as many as possible.  Not only do people love to save money & gamble, but they love to contribute to worthy causes.  And the scholarships the Oak Forest Rotary hands out is definitely a worthy cause.  Last year we raised almost $2,500... Let's double or triple that this year! 

If you have not received booklets or sweepstakes cards to sell yet please see Tom Chunis at or weekly lunch or call him directly at 708-687-0191.