The  Interact Club's  Annual Dinner Dance for  senior citizens's at OFHS was a success. Rotarian Jim Watson reported all the seniors were treated like royalty by the Oak Forest High School Interact Students on Sunday March 6th.


The Rotary Interact Club’s Senior Dinner dance at Oak Forest High was a great success.  The annual event was held on Sunday afternoon March 6th at the school.


 Rotarian Jim Watson reported, “The Oak Forest seniors were treated like royalty”, by all the Interact Club members.  Faculty Interact Club sponsor Mr. Brian McDonough recognized the Rotary Club as the original sponsor of the Interact club founded in 1991 at the school.


The school band provided the excellent entertainment for the seniors who enjoyed the music and danced to some of their nostalgic favorites from the past.   The food as usual was excellent and the Interact club members passed out the bagged leftovers to the seniors who picked out their favorites to take home.


Chris Reed, the Club President conducted the awarding of the numerous door prizes, many supplied by local restaurants.