So just what has our "little" club been up to lately?  Well, two weekends ago our club was present at the I am an American Day Parade and the Old Times Picnic.  It turned out to be a wonderful day and a good way for Rotary to stay in the public's eye.  To kick off the day, Dorothy Kennedy drove her car in the parade (sorry we don't have a picture available yet) and the club was able to set up a prime spot at the picnic directly across from the "beer tent".  In the picture here you can see the the club's new Banner with the new Rotary branding.  Special thanks to Tom Chunis, Tom Halwax, and Dorothy Kenedy for their assistance that day.

That afternoon we had the opportunity to meet with many local residents, talk a little rotary, and were able to sell an additional 16 or so of our Football Sweepstakes cards.  That brings us to a total of about $2,000 raised so far through this fundraiser.  We have about a month left to go so hopefully we even surpass last year's total.

Our next event is coming up quickly as well.  The wine pairing to support the Children's Oncology Treasure Chest is on Friday September 26th.  You can find more information on our website or by going to     It is to support a great cause and will be a fun evening as well.  Hope to see you there and be sure to invite others!