Look it up!


Remember asking your parents what something meant when you were a child?  Remember that ever so popular response?


For decades that was the response, now it's probably "Google it", but you get the idea.  Despite the ever advancing technology there are still some clubs around the world that take on "Dictionary Projects" where they hand out dictionaries to local 3rd graders.  Supporting Education is one of Rotary's 6 major areas of focus world wide.  the other 5 if you are wondering are: Promoting Peace/Conflict Resolution, Fighting Disease, Providing Clean Water, Maternal and Childhood Care, and Growing Local Economies.

Just a couple weeks ago our club had the opportunity to complete a dictionary project.  A special thanks to John Keane and Sue Wolf for volunteering to distribute over 200 dictionaries to 3rd grade students at Bernice Childs and John Gordon schools in the District 143.5 Posen/Robbins area. The students were happy and grateful to have these dictionaries to keep as their own.  the school administration was thankful for this assistance as well.