Two weeks into the NFL season and we're stuck on 219 sold.

That means we still have 281 tickets unsold. If you have any cash to turn in, do it NOW! If you would like to sell some more, see Tom Chunis for additional card/certificate sets now. As each week goes by, opportunities diminish for earning $ for the club AND for card holders to win $.

We have already had one of our club's winning card (802) lose out on a payoff since it hadn't been sold.

With the first week of NFL play tallied, we have a $50 Winning Ticket (0764) sold by Richard Sanders. This card had the LOWEST point total (18) with the team combination of Carolina, Jacksonville and Pittsburgh.

In the pool of 5,000 cards, the highest point total cards (1211 & 4859) were scored by team combinations of Dallas, Denver and Detr

oit tied with Dallas, Denver and San Francisco each with 119 points. They each win $175.00. Our club's cards are numbered from 501 through 1000.

Although the NFL Season is underway, we can continue selling the Coupon/Certificate Books and Football Cards to maximize the revenue opportunity for our club. There are 6 CASH WINNING cards each week! With $550 in cash prizes available each week, that means a total of $9,350 could be awarded!

Remember, if one buyer redeems ONLY the Jiffy Lube certificate they have already recouped $18 of the cost.

If you have cash and sold stubs to turn in, don't delay - Bring them to the weekly luncheon meeting, or drop them at Tom C's home.