May 3, 2011 the Rotary Club of Oak Forest announced its support of Project Lifesaver and the goal of finding and returning Alzheimer's patients to the safety of their homes.
Investigator Eric Wynn of the Oak Forest Police department updated the Rotary Club of Oak Forest of the specifics of Project Lifesaver. Established in 1999 Project Lifesaver's mission is to use state of the art technology in assisting those who care for victims of Alzheimer's and other Related Mental Dysfunction Disorders (ARMD) and vicitms who become lost.  These victims include the elderly and even the youngest in our community who are afflicted with Down Syndrome, Autism or developmental disorders.  Investigator Wynn informed the Rotary club that there are families waiting for the wrist transmitters necessary to participate in the program, but are unable to afford them.  Rotary President Tom Halwax was quick to award Wynn a check to meet that need!  Community Service is an integral function of Rotary.  Service Above Self!
Project Lifesaver