Do you know what RYLA is?  How about a Rylarian?

Each year thousands of young people worldwide take part in the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA) programs.  These programs include camps, workshops, or seminars that provide an effective training experience for youth participants to develop their leadership, communication, and team-building skills.  Once they have completed the program they are referred to as a "Rylarian."
One such RYLA program was held October 9th-12th at Holiday Home Camp in Williams Bay, WI.  Our club was 1 of over 40 local clubs that participated, and together we sponsored 95 sophomore to senior level high school students from around the Chicago land area to attend the 4 day program.  They participated in various physically and mentally challenging tasks aimed at helping them learn more about themselves and others.
These two young ladies from Oak Forest High School were sponsored by our club and recently came to visit us to tell us about the amazing experience they had.  Amongst their many highlights included the "Reality Store" which is an exercise in which every student is asked what career and marital/parental status they will have when they are 25 years old. Then they are given real life paychecks and are required to buy everything from housing and insurance to groceries and day care.  They also enjoyed the numerous outdoor activities that could only be completed with the right amount of teamwork and trust in their groups.
It is an incredible 4 days that help them to think, learn, and act in new ways; and give them the confidence to take these new skills back to their homes, schools, and communities to share with others.
Please contact our club if you would like more information about RYLA or to be a volunteer with our many youth programs.