What is Wellness?  Many people think the absence of symptomatic disease means they are 'well', but true wellness is actually quite different.  If you're sick and you take medication to mask the symptoms, it doesn't mean you get well; it just means...


...the symptoms go away (at least temporarily).  The root cause of the problem hasn't been addressed and you may be no better off than when you started. 

The 5 truths about wellness care

5) Symptoms are not the problem, but an alert to an underlying cause and should be heeded, not silenced with chemicals (medications).

4) The body has an inborn ability to restore itself and will adapt to outside stressors, whether thy are physical, emotional or chemical.  When the stressors become too much, the body will eventually wear itself down.

3) Wellness practitioners do not diagnose or treat conditions and diseases, but instead identify and remove outside stressors.

2) Wellness care focuses on improving function rather than hiding symptoms.

1) Holistic doctors recognize the value of preventative care compared to symptom-based care.  With regular office visits, spinal health is maintained, encouraging proper nervous system furnction and allowing for the body to perform at its best. 

                                                                  toyourhealth.com, November 2010