The Oak Forest Rotary Club provided a significant financial award to the Oak Forest Park District for the construction and maintanence of the Oak Forest Rotary Skate Park.  The Skate Park is a place were kids can go to skate board and roller skate.  It keeps the kids in a controlled and fenced area for their own protection.  It also reduces the number of skate boarders using the parking lots of surrounding commercial establishments as was the case before the park was built.  From time to time we get an update on the status of the Rotary  Skate Park.  See Oak Forest Park District Executive Director Cindy Grannan's comments regarding the status of the skate park.

Executive Director Cindy Grannan states "Rotary Skate Park is doing well.  We at this time do not have any additional plans, equipment has held up very well.  Last year we had some vandals actually burn 2 of the units that resulted in total replacement of the those 2 units.  Let me say that the Skate Park is used, for those kids that utilize it, it gives them a place to “play” and that  to me is good to see.  I am not going to lie, I will let you know that with the Skate Park you get the occasional broken bones, foul language and fights and that is not unusual for a Skate Park.  It requires very little maintenance on our part and I would say all is good!"