When eating out…...…5 smart substitutes.

1.     Skip the Fries.  French fries and potato chips contain little or no nutritional value and large quantities of fat (oil).  Skip the grease and go without if at a fast-food restaurant and replace with rice, a small baked potato or some veggies. 

2.     Watch What You Drink.  Soft drinks are exactly what your body (and teeth) don’t need.  Water offers three distinct benefits by comparison: it doesn’t cost you anything, it’s calorie-free and it doesn’t contain sugar or artificial sweeteners.  Ask yourself, do you really need a 32oz drink of anything with your meal?

3.     No Oversized Loads.  “Super-sized”  combo meals and 17 inch plates heaped with Thanksgiving-like portions are a recipe for weight gain.  Stick to a reasonable portion size (or eat half and get the other half to go) and you won’t have to unbutton your pants half way through the meal. 

4.     Find a Veggie.  Whether it’s a burger with lettuce and tomato or a plate of pasta with broccoli, choose meals that have some natural color, courtesy of Mother Nature’s best vegetables.  A burger with cheese, a bun and nothing else or a plate of pasta with cheese and cream sauce are missing the nutrition your body needs.  How about a pizza with veggies? 

5.     Know What You’re Ordering.  In the past few years, the majority of restaurants have begun to reveal how nutritionally unsound some of their meal options are.  This can range from providing complete nutritional facts to listing calorie counts on the menu.  You can also check the web sites of your favorite restaurant for nutritional information.  You’ll be surprised at how much fat, sodium and calories are in some of your favorites. 


Excerpt from’To Your Health’ magazine, September/October 2011